Brandon Boyd, of Incubus, Video we Produced along with YGary

M83 played two sold out nights at the famed Disney Hall with the LA Orchestra last year, and my absence from that $170 a ticket happening will forever haunt me. Here is his more uptempo “We Own The Sky”.

luckily He just Recorded his new Record with my friend/collaborator on “DOUG” Mike Shuppan at his studio, the album will be called “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” and i’ve heard it and it’s utterly fantastic. possibly the best M83 record yet, and there are a lot.

congrats Mikey, we Love u. and Anthony.

A beautiful little artistic vacation in Montreal resulting in this beauty by auteur Director/writer Vanya Rose.

Starring : 



The bizarre story of an introverted painter, who becomes obsessed with the quiet girl across the street.

Shot on Super 16mm film, cinematographer Glauco Bermudez, Music By The Amythysts 

A Central Unit Production, Travelling Distribution 

Hello everyone! Here’s an exciting news update from the Transatlantic family: A lot of cool things are happening right now. We just finished filming our first feature film (currently in post-production), we just shot a major music video for Brandon Boyd’s solo album (which will be released in a few weeks to the world), we are gearing up to shoot another short film in 3 weeks, then we are onto the next 4 music videos and our next feature film! Stay tuned for the release of all these exciting projects!!!
— Transatlantic

A love letter, from the Pacific shore to your balcony in Barcelona
The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse
Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?

Transatlantic’s own TYLER HYNES in his music experiment. Produced By Max Mcfarlane : Black Pedal Record

More eye candy

I recently spent a bit of time with Stephen Dorf. An interesting guy, though he has a bad rep and I can understand why, we had a good time. and given my experience with other actors he’s actually quite fun to be around.

As his career will be re-ignited with this beautiful film, and the blockbuster, by one of my favourite directors Tarsem Singh, “Immortals”, here is a look at Sophia Coppola’s “Somewhere”


The Black Keys.  Just a fucking great video.  Nothing more, nothing less.

A classic. from a classic band. Helmed by our collaborator and compadre Brantly Gutierrez. And edited by the man, the legend, Ryan Adams.

director: Brantley Gutierrez

cinematography: Todd M Duym
producer: Jon Morris
editor: Ryan Adams

This is the haunting Bon Iver with Skinny Love in a cramped French apartment. enjoy. I challenge anyone who isn’t moved by this. or anything by Bon Iver for that matter.

Tom Waits…The Legend.

From the mind of Director Tyler Hynes comes a journey into the life of "Doug". We’ve seen “dougs” all of our lives, this is our unadulterated chance to be two feet from him, and watch without fear of being caught staring. 

With a style and tone reminiscent of an old film with a 90’s low fi VHS twist, this film is rugged and raw and undeniably engaging.

The story behind the film is almost as compelling as the film itself, but that will be for another time.

Without further ado, welcome to a sneak peak into the Low Fi WORLD OF DOUG.


It’s coming soon…

In a quiet city, where we all go about our business, “Doug” exists.

We’ve all seen “Doug.”

There are “Dougs” all over the world.

Every city. Every neighbourhood.

Some of us have been “Doug.” Some of us may one day be “Doug.”

This is DOUG.

A Radcliffe Production. Helmed by Director Tyler Hynes. Here is the poster art by legendary art director Robert Baek (Spider Man 3, Superman Returns, etc). Credits fitting for such a legendary character as Doug. Trailers will be coming soon……..